Gambian Migrant was Shot and Killed in Lybia by the Libyan Police

Baboucarr Jeng

A Gambian immigrant has been killed in Libya. Baboucarr Jeng, a native of Jamale Babou, was shot and killed by the Libyan police over last weekend.

Jeng left his home on Friday night to buy “something” from a nearby shop, when the incident happened. It was on his way back to his house from the shop, when he got stopped by the police.

Jeng reportedly tried to evade arrest and was shot in the head, Baboucarr Secka, a Gambian living in Spain, currently on holidays in The Gambia, told the Freedom Newspaper on Saturday. Jeng was rushed to hospital, but he never made it. He died. His remains are with the Libyan authorities, Secka said.

“We are appealing to The Gambian government to help recover and evacuate Baboucarr Jeng’s remains in Libya to The Gambia. As we speak, they are refusing to hand over Jeng’s remains. We are calling on The Gambian government to intervene so that Baboucarr Jeng can be accorded a decent burial in The Gambia,” Secka remarked.

“We want to believe that Baboucarr Jeng was set up. We suspect foul play in his death,” Secka alleges.

The war ravaged nation Libya, remains unstable since the fall of longtime dictator Muammar Al Gathafi. Gadathafi has ruled Libya for over forty years. He was toppled during the Arab Spring.

Libya has since become a gateway for migrants trying to illegally migrate to Europe. Thousands of African migrants, including Gambians, have died in the Mediterranean sea while trying to cross to Europe.