Egyptian actress denies assault in Dubai court

The Egyptian actress Zeina and her sister denied charges of assaulting and insulting an American tourist and his family when they appeared in Dubai court of misdemeanors on Tuesday.

According to records, the 38-year-old celebrity and her 41-year-old sister attacked and insulted the man and his wife last June when they thought the family was filming them on video during their outing at Dubai Atlantis’s Gold Lounge.

“I swear to god that these people are not telling the truth. I am a famous actress and I wouldn’t and haven’t attacked anyone before,” Zeina told the judge in court on Tuesday.

The tourist, 48 and his wife, 44, were also charged with physically assaulting the actress and her sister and insulting them. The tourist, whose wife was not present in court, denied charges.

The case was referred to the public prosecution last year when both parties failed to reach a solution. The complaint was filed at Al Barsha Police Station after police officers were called at the scene.