Oumane Sonko, the Senegalese Macron?

Oumane Sonko

After crossing the last obstacles to his candidacy, the party’s president, Patriotes du Senegal for Work, Ethics and Fraternity (PASTEF), Ousmane Sonko, presents himself as the main opponent of outgoing head of state, Macky Sall, candidate for his own succession to the presidential election in February 2019. Still little known, a few months ago in Senegal, the young opposition MP revealed himself to the general public, after the unpublished launch of his campaign, the during which he went around the world to explain to his compatriots, his vision of politics.

A vision whose cornerstone remains the confrontation of ideas, the competence and the incarnation of an uninhibited, ambitious and combative youth. From Paris to New York, via Madrid, Brussels or Milan, Ousmane Sonko was sold out everywhere he went. With the same ardor and determination as during the debates in the Senegalese National Assembly, where he has been sitting since 2017, the young opponent managed to mobilize thousands of activists and supporters to come and listen to his social project for an emerging and ambitious Senegal.

The fight against corruption at the top of the state, national sovereignty “undermined”, the so-called new star of Senegalese policy multiplies harsh criticism against the power in place, pointing to his “incapacity and its failures “. After the formidable step of sponsorships and the publication of his book entitled “Solutions”, nothing seems to stop the PASTEF candidate in his march towards the Senegalese presidential palace. Born on July 15, 1974 in the region of Thies, Ousmane Sonko was a manager at the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Senegal, before being struck off in 2016 from the Inspectorate General of Taxes and Domain for breach of duty of reserve. He notably accused the Sall regime of fiscal and budgetary anomalies by personally questioning the head of state.

But far from silencing him, this revocation pushed the man to his last retrenchment before giving him political ambitions. Elected to the National Assembly, a year later, the deputy Sonko is very quickly noticed by his interventions during the general debates in the hemicycle. To further his criticism of the Dakar regime, he published a first book under the evocative title, “Oil and Gas in Senegal: Chronicle of Spoliation,” in which he denounced the malpractices and looting of money. public by a small group, with President Macky Sall in the lead.

In the eyes of some analysts, Ousmane Sonko’s success in his young political career can be partly explained by the disenchantment of a large part of the Senegalese, who are affected by the current regime’s lack of governance. A situation that is reflected on the ground by the difficulties that the Senegalese Emerging Plan (PSE) faces in its implementation, with projects and reforms that trample. However, if the boss of PASTEF seems to have the wind in its sails, his side should keep his head on his shoulders and continue the work of mobilization, because in an election, nothing is ever played in advance. This is even more important in our skies, where it is almost certain that an outgoing president can not organize elections and then lose them. So the saying goes, does not he say, that who wants to travel far is keeping his horse strong? In any case,

Because strong opposition is needed to prevent the presidential majority from lounging in unsustainable comfort and falling into an unacceptable lethargy. As such, the president of PASTEF carries the hope of Senegalese youth and he will work to earn his trust.