Angola requests for European countries’ aid to repatriate capitals

The Angolan official, who was addressing the Africa-Europe Forum, underscored that in order for the referred process to meet its goal the cooperation of all countries is needed, mainly of Europeans.

However, Bornito de Sousa said that the transformations being conducted by the Angolan government mainly aim at a better exploitation of the country’s economic, technological, cultural, tourism and infrastructures potential to prompt growth and improvement of the human development index.

The Angolan official added that the measures adopted by the Angolan Executive are intended to make the business environment in the country more attractive for investments.

The increase of the demands and rigour in terms of transparency, good governance and fight against corruption are also part of the Angolan government’s priority, said the vice president.

The Angolan government has recently approved a law on Coercive Repatriation of Capitals and Broad Capture of Assets, which will enable it to seize illegal wealth deposited outside the country.

Meanwhile, the Angolan official stated that the country is committed to the Africa-Europe agreements and the creation of the Free Trade Zone of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), with a view to heralding the African Economic Community.