Increase of the right of transit of Chadian oil in Cameroon (official)

PipelineThe right of transit of Chadian oil via Cameroon, was raised from 1.30 to 1.32106 dollar per barrel, according to a statement of the Steering Committee and monitoring of pipelines (CPSP) received Tuesday at APA.

The discounted rate, the document states, is applied to the quantities of crude oil removed at the Komé-Kribi terminal since 1 October, until 30 September 2023, the date of its next update.

Commissioned on July 24, 2003, the Chad-Cameroon pipeline leaves the Doba oil fields and, after covering a distance of 1080 kilometers, of which about 900 kilometers in Cameroon, leads to the Gulf of Guinea (South).

According to official data, between January and October 2018, the said pipeline generated transit rights of about CFAF 24 billion, up from CFAF 22.94 billion recorded in the same period in 2017, for a cumulative volume 33.90 million barrels against 30.05 million barrels a year ago.

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