Live stream: Watch the Former South Africa President Zuma corruption trial here [video]

Former South Africa president Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma is not the invincible, immovable object he once was. This has been a very humbling year for him, after losing two court cases – related to his legal fees and state capture – and being ousted from power. Thanks to a live stream provided by eNCA, you can watch all the drama unfold at the bottom of the page.

However, he’s set to storm in Pietermaritzburg with all the bravado and machismo we’ve seen from him before. Zuma’s appearances at his court trials have been dominated by what happens once he’s out of the dock, where he partakes in rallies that whip-up frenzied supporters.

Jacob Zuma corruption trial so far

However, it’ll be serious business when he’s facing the judge on Friday. This particular trial is centered around actions he took while serving as deputy president. At the turn of the millennium, Zuma is alleged to have been given a R500 000 retainer to promote the interests of arms company Thales in South Africa.

Zuma was effectively being bribed to push an illicit arms deal through the door. He initially faced trial in 2005 but was lucky to escape without a jail sentence. His co-conspirator and middle-man in the deal – Schabir Shaik – wasn’t so lucky, and was banged to rights with 15 years behind bars.

The former president was then brought back to trial a few years later, just after he launched his bid for the ANC presidency. However, the case would not reach a conclusion thanks to the “spy tapes” debacle.

It emerged that Zuma’s conversations were being taped by other factions of the ANC in government. This lead to the collapse of the trial, and it would be another nine years before the initial decision to quash all charges against JZ was overturned.

Live stream: Watch Jacob Zuma in court here

Now we’re here, waiting for this stop-start trial to get rolling. Jacob Zuma is the master of the delay, and he may way resort to his old tricks with his legal team on Friday.

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