Cape Verde remains at the top of the Portuguese preferences for the new year

Cape Verde flag

The Portuguese continue to elect Cape Verde, Brazil and Morocco, as well as Madeira and the Azores, Algarve, Lisbon and Porto for the passage of the year, with the number of reservations to be maintained, even at “slightly” higher prices, according to to APAVT.

“The data we have – that have been delivered to us by the market – indicate a year-end at the level of the previous year,” Pedro Costa Ferreira, president of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (APAVT), told Lusa.

Already in terms of destinations, reservations for the passage of the year show that “there are no surprises.”

For those who prefer to leave Portugal, “Brazil has a good sale this year, along with Cape Verde and Morocco. They are the main references”, and having special flights in all three cases, ie charter operations, explains still Pedro Costa Ferreira.

Asked whether, as in other years, there is a price update on the market, the APAVT president admits that “they will generally be slightly higher than last year.”

Regarding the offer, especially of charter operations available in the market, and considering that the level of reserves remains stable compared to last year, “the expectation is that they exhaust,” he says.

“In the end we will certainly have all the special operations exhausted,” stressed Pedro Costa Ferreira.