Europe Is Using migration Files To Pressurize African Countries

migrantAfrican migrants are not a threat to Europe, and most of them contribute to its development and progress, but there are those who seek to leak the wrong information on this issue by launching a campaign for “undeclared” purposes as Algeria prepares to receive the second international symposium of African Organizations members of the UN Economic and Social Council under the theme “Involve Africa in the face of the migration crisis” between 19 and 21 November, Researchers and specialists from many African countries, confirmed on Tuesday.

The researchers, who participated in the second day of the Second International Symposium of African Organizations, member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under the theme of “Involving Africa in the face of the migration crisis”, that was organized by the African Parliament in partnership with the National Association for Youth Exchange and the MOU 2063, at Algiers Conferences Center, said that the issue of migration, especially from Africa, has become a means of pressure that is used by Europe on all occasions, and reaches the point that African countries have the responsibility to limit migrants number without looking for the causes of migration and the circumstances that are surrounding it, and without considering the humanitarian crisis in these countries.

In the same context, they asserted that the researches that are carried out periodically on the phenomenon of illegal immigration in Africa proved that, “African migrants are not a threat to Europe, contrary to the information that certain parties seek to leak through various channels and media for undeclared purposes”.

“From 36 million African migrants, 29 million have migrated into Africa and have not crossed the continent. This is important, while 7 million, or 20%, of whom 5.5 million, representing doctors, engineers, students, workers and others, migrated to Europe legally, and 1.5 million illegal immigrants, representing 0.3%, is a figures that can not be a threat to Europe in any way”.

According to the statistics that were presented by the researchers who are participating in the seminar, there are 8 million jobless Africans, of whom 7 million are university graduates, 80% of whom remain in Africa and 1 million migrate to Europe, which reflects the lack of information that is provided by European countries.

Italy receives 7% of African migrants, while 24.6% were declared by the media, and there are 6.2% in Portugal and media announced that there are 20.6%, in Greece there 8.4% and they declared 20%, Germany receives 8.8% but media declared 13% in the country, the African Researches showed.

Participants said that opinion polls, which included a large number of African migrants, showed that the majority emigrated for security and economic reasons, with 83% of them looking for security and work.

The researchers asserted that the solution to all the crises of the African continent starts from the human element by giving priority to training and development “through mobilization and concerted efforts between North and South African countries, away from any foreign party from the continent, including the eradication of poverty and violence, and the search for solutions to conflicts, good governance and the adoption of sustainable development because if these conditions are met, Africans will not have to migrate”.

Chairman of the African Civil Society Parliament, Jean Claude Kesse, confirmed on Monday, in the work of the first day of the second international symposium of African organizations, member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations – that the demand of the European Union is establishing transit centers for illegal immigrants, where they will be subjected to humiliation and persecution and closure of borders.

“This is not a solution to the crisis of migration as it is not possible to curb the desire of the young African in search of a better life, but we must develop Africa through coordination between all peoples”.