United Nations: 1.1 million people in Libya in need of humanitarian aids

Libya Flag
A United Nations official has stated that around 1.1 million people in Libya are suffering under critical conditions for almost eight years of war and are in need of humanitarian aid.

This statement was issued during a press conference held by the commission in Tunis on Thursday (12 April 2018) to highlight the humanitarian situation in the neighbouring country.

“The humanitarian situation in Libya is critical, not only for refugees and displaced people … but as a whole,” said Amin Awad, director of the Middle East and North Africa Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

“Public services, health, education and other services are not available, and there are almost none in many areas,” he added.

A recent UNHCR report revealed that 1.1 million people in Libya need humanitarian aid, including 165,478 internally displaced persons since 2011 and 341,354 returnees. A further 100,000 people are Asylum seekers.

The UN official stressed that “most of the Libyan people today are in need of humanitarian aid because of the deteriorating living conditions and the lack of services. This has prompted many of them to leave their villages to other areas.”